The Force Awakens

Sebe's Journal

We landed on Naboo after tall the ruckus with the Hutt. We were charged to kill a Rhodian and to escort a woman to Naboo, who was going to kill a diplomat (Ban'tapaloe) and steal some ancient artifacts from him. We found that she was not a Night Sister, and was not even force sensitive…whatever that means. What do I know? Im just Mustafarian. Our party landed, we stunned the woman and tied her up, and our party went our separate ways. We decided against killing the Rhodian and he was spared. The gotal, Coal, and the Rhodian  left for a bar. I stayed next to my flea. Negus and the Jedi were handling customs. The twi'lek decided to try to steal the woman, and the ship to get money. I tried to stop her, not knowing that Negus has already prevented the ship from even starting, and I was shot. We were planning to kill Ban'tapaloe, by creating a fake holocron, and taking a picture of it and the woman to draw Ban'tapaloe in, before getting close to Ban'tapaoloe to kill him and get the holocrons. A couple of men were posing as customs and were "disappeared", turning into Flea food. The gotal and Coal were having a fun time at the bar, but the Rhodian didn't understand what they were talking about, hitting on women. He punched a woman, and the gotal and Coal ran out of there. The beat up the Rhodian, messing up and leaving him in a ditch. By the time they realized they messed up, the Rhodian was received by some bounty hunters, and we were charged with trying to get him back. Coal was charged with watching the ship and the woman, and I hoped that he was compotent. We went into the swamp and made some friends to get to a camp where the Rhodian was taken. We got some transportation and got some guns to put onto it. We chose the rocket launcher, with incendiary and plasma rockets. We also chose a Hob. The ramshackle accommodations were not very well suited for comfort. Most of the seats are barely connected to the boat. I was sitting in the most dangerous part of the boat. I was sitting on 2 medium sized boxes of rockets. We started the engines, which were quiet, and then the turbo engines which were loud. We started out. The Jedi, Acel, was supposed to be watching the radar and the nearly incompetent meth pilot was some how able to tell Acel how to use the radar before going back to the pilot seat. Some bugs were coming for us. We charged toward them as well, and we did a hard turn. I was flown from the boat with a crate of rockets. The boat went along without me. Most of the bugs, resembling giant mosquitoes, were taken out and was fast enough to keep up with the boat, going about 70 mph. Negus got a proboscis in his back and the bugs were killed. The boat came back to me. The only thing in my mind was keep the rocket crate in my hand. There is 7 inches of gunk at on the surface of the water and below that is a dark, but clear water. There is a lot of amazing, but extremely dangerous life in the water. Negus and the gotal saved me and the crate of rockets. I was brought aboard. I was put in charge in front of the radar and Acel sat on the crates. The pilot kept asking for beers the entire time. I was joking around about not knowing how to read a radar and the pilot showed us a map so that we can have a good idea of where we wanted to go. Negus was getting annoyed by the pilot talking too much so he showed her a thermal detonator to get her to stop. We mapped out where to go, and Acel and I had to switch places. We got close to where the Rhodian was, and and I was in charge of Piloting. Negus and the pilot snuck forward. I brought the boat over to where they were. I found a place where a rocket had hid a few trees. We couldn't find the gotal and Negus, but they jumped on the boat. We went forward again and then decided to get out of the boat. The ground was spongy and there are roots everywhere that we stand. Negus carried the rocket launcher with an incendiary loaded inside. We trudged through the darkness before we found the camp. It's full of lights and defensiveness. There is a Triple 6 ship is on a landing pad with the shields up and the engines on. We got to a cliff, and tried to close the shields. We found that the Rhodian was still on the rock island so we decided to wing it, to get the Rhodian. We got up to the island and the weather picked up. Everyone started getting off the boat to attack the prison that of which the Rhodian is held. Due to the weather, the pilot fell off the cliff onto the deck of the boat and I followed, unfortunately, soon after that. Acel and the gotal went forth and found some guards blocking their way. The gotal shot one of the guards with a disrupter pistol and Acel hit another. They are screaming in agony, and didn't see my party. What they did see was a light saber and disrupter but they are fine. Acel and the gotal walked to the end of the hallway and made a new door. The gotal hit the one guard watching the prisoner and Acel cut the Rhodian loose. They made it back to the boat and I was relieved. I am still in the chicken fence area with very little ability to hold on. The Triple 6 took off and started trying to find us, in a search pattern. We started to leave the area and the ship scanned us. We started dipping into the swamp again and scanned us again. It couldn't see us but it had a good idea where we were. All I could do was sit there and hope that Negus didn't mess up the driving, and hold onto the chicken wire. The ship only sees us on sensors. We are on full speed going into the swamp. The quad cannon started shooting at us, but we didn't get hit. Negus did a U-turn and we lost the starship. The boats from rock island were coming for us, so we did another u-turn. I found that I was better at shooting on the hob, but I wasn't paying attention to the others when we were talking about guns. The gotal and I tried to do a Chinese fire drill and I slipped and bounced my head against the water and I was unconscious. I woke up with a boom, finding myself on the boat, and our party began to get on the starship. My party decided to ion the engines and and crash the starfish. It was buried in the ground. We got back to the base and we were able to get back to our ship. We brought the Rhodian back. The pilot and Coal had "fun" for an hour. Coal definitely got something from that meth head. Coal's crotch is rancid stink. Gotal is letting Coal feel burns for a few hours. I go and sleep on my flea.


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