The Force Awakens

Bris, its been a few weeks. This is my last transmission for a while.

Look, you’re not stupid. I won’t beat around the bush. Money was beginning to get tight. I was desperate. I got a job on the bounty board that requested any types of weapons, it was for a Bounty Hunter named Verik. I worked with him before. I thought this was going to be easy. But I was stupid. I stole a couple crates of weapons from the Imperials, and ran. They saw my face. I tried to get the money from Verik, but seeing as how the weapons were from the Imperials and that I was wanted, he wanted no part. I decided to drop the weapons off, but that allowed the Empire to put a tracking beacon on my ship. I was shot down in orbit around Corusaunt. I almost died.

While I was being transferred to prison, my shuttle experienced malfunctions, forcing the pilots to land on Corellia before going forth to Bakura Imperial Prison.  I was able to excape and call in a favor to get my hand cuffs removed and to get passage away to Corusaunt, to get to you. I found that the man was trying to turn me in, and almost succeeded, but he was unlucky, in that he had catastrophic engine failure, and he crash landed on Spintir. I don’t know how long I can survive, or if I will. I just know that some flash occurred in front of us above Spintir while he was trying to fix the engines. Now, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to you again. I miss you. I love you. And Bris, Im coming.

Bris, I wont be joining you for dinner tonight...

Bris, if you are getting this transmission, you know that operation Killfreak has taken place. It’s not safe in the underground alone. I can’t protect you. I don’t know when I’ll be back. If I can’t be back home in a few days, assume the worse and go to uncle Gorgo’s apartment. He’ll know what to do.

Lost in time
The battle with Ban'Tapalo

   The heroes took a speeder to the estate of Ban'Tapalo. They knew they needed to infiltrate in and achieved success by scaling the gentle hill and infiltrating what seemed to be an empty manor. the grounds were well patrolled by mouse droids but otherwise quiet. The party managed the infiltration and after some snooping about the near empty manor found the hidden sub levels and trolley.

           They took the trolley to where Ban'Tapalo hid the artifacts. He was there conducting some type of ritual that had the party desperate to stop him. This led to the death of Sebe and the isolation of Snake. In the end, Negus and Cole had to help rescue the party but they were all flung backwards in time and space to the planet Spintir, 2 years before the destruction of Jedha city.

Sebe's Journal

We landed on Naboo after tall the ruckus with the Hutt. We were charged to kill a Rhodian and to escort a woman to Naboo, who was going to kill a diplomat (Ban'tapaloe) and steal some ancient artifacts from him. We found that she was not a Night Sister, and was not even force sensitive…whatever that means. What do I know? Im just Mustafarian. Our party landed, we stunned the woman and tied her up, and our party went our separate ways. We decided against killing the Rhodian and he was spared. The gotal, Coal, and the Rhodian  left for a bar. I stayed next to my flea. Negus and the Jedi were handling customs. The twi'lek decided to try to steal the woman, and the ship to get money. I tried to stop her, not knowing that Negus has already prevented the ship from even starting, and I was shot. We were planning to kill Ban'tapaloe, by creating a fake holocron, and taking a picture of it and the woman to draw Ban'tapaloe in, before getting close to Ban'tapaoloe to kill him and get the holocrons. A couple of men were posing as customs and were "disappeared", turning into Flea food. The gotal and Coal were having a fun time at the bar, but the Rhodian didn't understand what they were talking about, hitting on women. He punched a woman, and the gotal and Coal ran out of there. The beat up the Rhodian, messing up and leaving him in a ditch. By the time they realized they messed up, the Rhodian was received by some bounty hunters, and we were charged with trying to get him back. Coal was charged with watching the ship and the woman, and I hoped that he was compotent. We went into the swamp and made some friends to get to a camp where the Rhodian was taken. We got some transportation and got some guns to put onto it. We chose the rocket launcher, with incendiary and plasma rockets. We also chose a Hob. The ramshackle accommodations were not very well suited for comfort. Most of the seats are barely connected to the boat. I was sitting in the most dangerous part of the boat. I was sitting on 2 medium sized boxes of rockets. We started the engines, which were quiet, and then the turbo engines which were loud. We started out. The Jedi, Acel, was supposed to be watching the radar and the nearly incompetent meth pilot was some how able to tell Acel how to use the radar before going back to the pilot seat. Some bugs were coming for us. We charged toward them as well, and we did a hard turn. I was flown from the boat with a crate of rockets. The boat went along without me. Most of the bugs, resembling giant mosquitoes, were taken out and was fast enough to keep up with the boat, going about 70 mph. Negus got a proboscis in his back and the bugs were killed. The boat came back to me. The only thing in my mind was keep the rocket crate in my hand. There is 7 inches of gunk at on the surface of the water and below that is a dark, but clear water. There is a lot of amazing, but extremely dangerous life in the water. Negus and the gotal saved me and the crate of rockets. I was brought aboard. I was put in charge in front of the radar and Acel sat on the crates. The pilot kept asking for beers the entire time. I was joking around about not knowing how to read a radar and the pilot showed us a map so that we can have a good idea of where we wanted to go. Negus was getting annoyed by the pilot talking too much so he showed her a thermal detonator to get her to stop. We mapped out where to go, and Acel and I had to switch places. We got close to where the Rhodian was, and and I was in charge of Piloting. Negus and the pilot snuck forward. I brought the boat over to where they were. I found a place where a rocket had hid a few trees. We couldn't find the gotal and Negus, but they jumped on the boat. We went forward again and then decided to get out of the boat. The ground was spongy and there are roots everywhere that we stand. Negus carried the rocket launcher with an incendiary loaded inside. We trudged through the darkness before we found the camp. It's full of lights and defensiveness. There is a Triple 6 ship is on a landing pad with the shields up and the engines on. We got to a cliff, and tried to close the shields. We found that the Rhodian was still on the rock island so we decided to wing it, to get the Rhodian. We got up to the island and the weather picked up. Everyone started getting off the boat to attack the prison that of which the Rhodian is held. Due to the weather, the pilot fell off the cliff onto the deck of the boat and I followed, unfortunately, soon after that. Acel and the gotal went forth and found some guards blocking their way. The gotal shot one of the guards with a disrupter pistol and Acel hit another. They are screaming in agony, and didn't see my party. What they did see was a light saber and disrupter but they are fine. Acel and the gotal walked to the end of the hallway and made a new door. The gotal hit the one guard watching the prisoner and Acel cut the Rhodian loose. They made it back to the boat and I was relieved. I am still in the chicken fence area with very little ability to hold on. The Triple 6 took off and started trying to find us, in a search pattern. We started to leave the area and the ship scanned us. We started dipping into the swamp again and scanned us again. It couldn't see us but it had a good idea where we were. All I could do was sit there and hope that Negus didn't mess up the driving, and hold onto the chicken wire. The ship only sees us on sensors. We are on full speed going into the swamp. The quad cannon started shooting at us, but we didn't get hit. Negus did a U-turn and we lost the starship. The boats from rock island were coming for us, so we did another u-turn. I found that I was better at shooting on the hob, but I wasn't paying attention to the others when we were talking about guns. The gotal and I tried to do a Chinese fire drill and I slipped and bounced my head against the water and I was unconscious. I woke up with a boom, finding myself on the boat, and our party began to get on the starship. My party decided to ion the engines and and crash the starfish. It was buried in the ground. We got back to the base and we were able to get back to our ship. We brought the Rhodian back. The pilot and Coal had "fun" for an hour. Coal definitely got something from that meth head. Coal's crotch is rancid stink. Gotal is letting Coal feel burns for a few hours. I go and sleep on my flea.

Raxus to Rishii
and then on to Naboo?

  The job ended up being a rough one. It would be the heroes taking product from The Wheel (Isotech) to Rishii, particularly to Slaver's Island. The illicit cybernetics were a simple task. Deliver it to Rafeeq, the pirate king. What could possibly go wrong? right? Well it started with some arguments over the landing pad, which led to a certain gotal causing issues with a twilek controller. Then escalated. It turned into a battle of fire sprinklers and wet paint, won by the gotal with a shot to a door lock :D

               The trip itself was a tense moment when after discovering and disposing of a virus their "employer" placed in their system, they discovered that in addition to the illicit cybernetics, they were also carrying 100 doses of glitterstim! That was unacceptable sooo…AIRLOCK. There was a tad bit of target practice in ensuring the illegal substance was destroyed.  Now on to Rishii.

          The party landed at Raider's Cove and off loaded onto the flea. They hired a transport to take them to Slaver's Island, a 2 hour flight away. When they arrived they were able to get in comms with the buyer, a hutt crimelord calling himself Rafeeq. Rafeeq was not forthcoming with the money initially and set the party up in a terrible hotel. He got them situated in a suite that was best described as a dingy cell. The party made the best of it and decided to go "shopping" and met some new friends, including a surly aqualish named Bembo who had a love for firepower and explosions. They took some odd jobs about town (including Snake going to hand a beating to a deadbeat) and made some small money while acquiring gear.

            Back at their hotel, they managed to somehow find themselves running the desk for a bit. The place was in bad shape and in an effort to help, Acel accidentally crashed the power system in the place. Negus used that time to eliminate assassins sent by the hutt to kill them. He killed the rodian and took the twi'lek captive. They had decided to do something, but then Rafeeq had a quick change of heart and requested a meeting. Apparantly he had a high value passanger he needed to book in transport, asap. The assassination was called off and he negotiated a deal in which the party would transport one of his assassins to Naboo to kill one Count Ban'Tapalo. The two sides made their arrangements and in the morning, they agreed to terms and traded cash and goods. 

           The ship was off to Naboo. The contract stipulated that one Lanzoh Deex (a rodian) be airlocked and the "nightsister" from Dathomir delivered as the asssassin. Well the rodian turned out to be not so bad a guy, and they declined to kill him. The "nightsister" turned out to be a total fraud, she was a wanted assassin working with Black Sun and under contract. She was only pretending to be a scary witch. Acel called her on it and a new contract was worked out on Theed. It turns out Ban'Tapalo is a real scumbag who also is in the habit of collecting "artifacts"' .

           Both sides agreed he had to go, so the planning started. …….

From the Wheel to Raxus Prime
Out of the pan and into the fire

  ….So there we were, landed on the Wheel and trying to get our passenger the information she needed. Acel' Rahi is her name and I am certain she is a jedi. My first mate/pilot Negus is not so sure, but I rely on his judgment. That being said, we needed fuel and provisions.  Sebe and Snake went to get the provisions while Negus and I decided to go and get some fuel and have a few drinks at the cantina. The "Blasted Asteroid" is a good place and we knew the bartenders personally.

           So off we went to get the fuel, wow, what a few months away can do to a place. The Shutta tried to rip us off. Well I let Negus talk nice to the man and we ended up saving a load of cash, so it was off to the bar. It was not too badly crowded so we took a table off to the side in good view of the holonet and had some drinks while the rest of the crew went out to do their thing.

        Acel went to Farlander's outfitters looking to acquire some information and maybe a droid, but mostly she was looking for time to come up with a plan. General Farlander (the new proprietor of the place was pretty much a fraud) had the place in a total mess. but hey who cares right? it IS a thrift store after all. Well Acel wandered about until a suave (or so he believed) Devaronian oozed up to pick her up. Of course he put the moves on in a completely obvious way. Acel is very attractive and knows it, but has little time to suffer fools gladly. But he did imply he knew where she needed to be. So off she went. walking down the hall with this guy made her skin crawl but it was an means to an end.

          Of course it would not end well for the devaronian, he of course a bounty hunter and was convinced she was worth a credit or so, he had his partner, a gand named Taff waiting in a darker hallway to spring an ambush. Well that was a bad move as some quick lightsaber work disarmed the devaronian and she was able to slip the gand fast. She ran down the corridor and set the lift to go before ducking into the shadows. The angry bounty hunters rushed after but saw only the lift and realized their quarry got away. Cursing they went to find another lift. Acel moved on.

                At the provisions shop (dry goods and frozen) Snake and Sebe caused a bit of a stir trying to negotiate with a somewhat rotund (read obese) Trandoshan merchant. It started with a bad deal bargained in a off the cuff manner, and degenerated from there. It started to get ugly with chorito chips being tossed back and forth in cheesy powdered mess. well as that mess went down, a stranger had arrived from off station and was wandering his way about. He overheard the fiasco, which coincidentally Negus had blundered into. Negus seeing the mess had to intervene. He did so in a creepy manner by sneaking up on the Trandoshan and making him a good offer. It ended up saving the crew 150 credits (minus the cost of a bag of chips) as Negus walked out, he noticed that the newcomer was carrying a lightsaber.

            So what else could he do but slip a business card in his pocket and hope for the best. He did so using the old pickpocket move of bump, brush and go. Well the stranger after a short walk from the point searched to see if he was robbed and found the card instead. "Negus and Cole owners and proprietors of the Tiderunner, need transport, just call" he decided to check the arrival and departures and figured out where the Tiderunner was docked. While on the system he figured he might as well check the bounty board. And of course he was on it. So getting out off the station seemed a good idea, especially since a clan of rodian bounty hunters had a base here.

              Enroute to the ship, he ran across Captain Karth in a compromising situation (he had again angered what was once again an ex girlfriend and was attempting to escape) a quick assist and some involvement with law enforcement and Karth led the newcomer, named Morgan to the Tiderunner. With the need for supplies still, the crew had some time. By inconvenient coincidence the Yiyaar Clan (the aforementioned bounty hunters) had their setup right in the next hanger. Well that left some problems.

                Acel had been successful in meeting her contact at ISOTECH and received the information regarding the droid she sought. And so she headed back to her ship and crew. With fuel and provisions arranged it was a simple matter to get out as fast as possible. BUT fate would not be so kind, be it the will of the force or just odd luck, Morgan and Snake decided to have a few drinks to cool off, while Cole got the ship ready. In the "Blasted Asteroid" Morgan encountered the irate ex once again while Snake was hitting it off with the barmaid, unfortunately they did not realize that the place was filling up with all manner of scum and villainy.  This became troublesome, while Morgan and Snake were making good time, Negus realized that things could quickly get sketchy and decided to get his folks out of there.

            But first a quick run to Quiggle's Eatery for some good salsa. After all what could go wrong with his drunken shipmates trying to get some affection in a bar full of people out to get them?? Turns out a lot could go wrong, particularly when Morgan, feeling good and buzzed decided to pull the pin on a bounty hunter's grenade belt and call out "Bounty hunters suck!" and ran. Well the bounty hunter was not keen on being blown up and tossed the grenade in panic. This caused some collateral damage. Now by this time there were next to no regular folks in the cantina, almost all were well armed bounty hunters so the grenade led to a massive firefight.

          Negus realized fast that he had to do something so out came the "Burninator" and the big guns barked. Snake pulled out his disruptor and things got real, really fast.  The gunfight was short and sharp and it all ended with the "Tiderunner" making a fast getaway with a Yiyaar clan hostage and a Muun banker as a rescue. The Muun was very interested in self preservation and hired the crew of the "Tiderunner" to keep him safe in the grand chaos that ensued. Well needless to say the Yiyaar sent ships out to chase the "Tiderunner" which was in no mood to be caught.

       Shots were fired and some words exchanged but ultimately the "Tiderunner" made the jump to hyperspace with no real location plugged in. This led them right into an asteroid field. Fortunately they did not hit anything and the hungover/drunk crewmen manned the guns while Negus and Cole did their best to not get hit. After a while of getting pounded by space debris they decided to land on the largest of the asteroids. This one had an atmosphere trapped by shield generators and had vegetation and fresh water. There was power being produced and the asteroid was certainly someone's home. No one had a clue as to whose it was though.

            After deploying Sebe and his lava flea to investigate they set down to wait. Sebe of course found that the vegetation was an edible fungus that carpeted the ground and began to investigate strange metal protrusions, of course that led to an encounter with a rancor that Morgan was sure came from Dathomir. A few shots from the ships guns encouraged the rancor to hunt elsewhere. Sebe thought it best to run as fast as he could back to the ship.

              The shots drew the attention of a viper class probe droid. Morgan took the shot and ended its snooping but that only made the crew more jittery. Negus took to negotiating a settlement with the crews captive. It turned out to be somewhat profitable but the best that they could get. So that being said, the "Tiderunner" returned to the Wheel for a dropoff.  For the first time in a while, it went without incident and the passengers were left off. The crew now richer proceeded to Raxus Prime.

            The trip through the junkyard planet was difficult and perilous but it was ultimately successful. Sebe was deployed again to recon things and the crew landed under guard. The ISOTECH compound was delved deep under the trash of Raxus and on the shores of a toxic lake. The crew was stuck dealing with the ISOTECH guards who would not let them off the "Tiderunner" and seemed determined to keep them as much in the dark as possible. The leader of the ISOTECH base was sent to negotiate the deal with the crew. Sebe discovered a good layout of their base and worse. The ISOTECH HQ was a carefully buried CR-90 corvette. Fully operational. Morgan began mapping out the defenses and realized this was a bad spot.

            Negus and Acel negotiated the sale of the crew's ASP-7 loader droid and began haggling over the ISOTECH demand that the crew "resolve" their issue with the local jawa clans. Morally opposed to massacre, the crew balked at the request and began serious negotiations. When Negus showed off the "Burninator" however the ISOTECH chief was determined to see it in action so with overwatch from Sebe, the crew was blindfolded and led out to the ISOTECH field site. Once their the crew decided to display their skills and pulled a fast one on the ISOTECH team. Negus took out one of the Uggernaught walkers, while Snake opened up on thier GNK series power droids. Acel and Morgan took on and destroyed the Chameleon droid on overwatch with their lightsabers, with Morgan following on to take over the second Uggernaught.  He rode the Uggernaught to the rescue of Sebe whom had managed to get himself half buried in trash in a failed attempt to take out the CR-90's tractor beam. 

         Well the gunfight at the ISOTECH site ended with the crew taking the chief captive. A carefully worded bargain led to not only a cease in hostilities, but further work for the "Tiderunner" and shore leave for the crew. As the night ended the crew had a chance to make enough credits for the mission to Ilum and with the droid in hand, Acel took it back to the ship to go through its memory.  After careful examination Acel discovered that it was an old T-7 droid recased in a R-2 series astromech case. She discovered that the droid did in fact have the detailed route to get to Ilum as well as the location of several temples.

Episode 7: The Force Awakens
Prologue: Ilum

………..With the signing of the Galactic Concordance on Coruscant, the New Republic secured both victory and peace. Several changes were made to the political process to ensure mistakes of the Old Republic were not repeated. Despite dropping the "supreme" from the title, the post of Chancellor still held the emergency powers granted to Palpatine during the Old Republic's last years. To prevent further abuses of the office, Mon Mothma gave up these emergency powers and set forth a plan to give aid to war-torn worlds and bolster the training of their planetary defense forces so that they could defend themselves. Additionally, the Senate passed the Military Disarmament Act which, while maintaining the New Republic Starfleet, greatly reduced its size and capabilities.

        The New Republic, in accordance with its humanitarian values prohibited torture as part of the Galactic Concordance, however the divisive topic on the treatment of former Imperials would occupy much heated debate. Some wished to execute and punish those responsible for war crimes, while others were dismayed at the thought of succumbing to the barbarities of the former regime, and emulating what they had fought so hard against. Ultimately, the fact that billions of individuals had participated in the Empire—many of them against their wishes—cooler heads prevailed, allowing for leniency in sentences and the invitation of former Imperial governors to the New Republic. Likewise, civilian and military personnel were offered a new life within the annals of the nascent Republic.

        In order to gain the support of disaffected worlds and prevent friction that had occurred during the Old Republic and later the Empire, the New Republic government chose to not settle down on Coruscant. Instead, member worlds would host the capital on a rotating basis with elections deciding where to seat the Senate. Despite its outward appearance of unity, the Senate was divided into two feuding faction: the Populists, which believed that almost all authority should reside in individual member worlds, and the Centrists, who supported a stronger central government. The two factions frequently squabbled over policies and government spending, creating an atmosphere of political deadlock and distrust in the Senate. As a result, the Republic was unable to carry out several of its functions including preventing the resurgence of organized crime, enforcing financial regulations, and patrolling the shipping lanes.

    It is during these days of uncertainty that  Jedi knight Acel'Rahi is dispatched to Ilum in an attempt to discover the hidden routes to legendary Tython.

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