Ashley Stirk

A Bounty hunter that uses her fists more than her guns...


A tall, and very muscular woman, Ashley is beautiful and while she looks soft on the outside, she’s tough on the inside. She has black hair flowing from her head, and she dyed part of it blue to remember her sister. If you piss her off, there will be nothing left of the inside of your skull….or you’d wish there was nothing left…


See Bish Transmission Adventure Logs.

She is full of pain and longing to be with her sister.

(Copy and paste of The Last Transmission to Bish Adventure Log)

Look, you’re not stupid. I won’t beat around the bush. Money was beginning to get tight. I was desperate. I got a job on the bounty board that requested any types of weapons, it was for a Bounty Hunter named Verik. I worked with him before. I thought this was going to be easy. But I was stupid. I stole a couple crates of weapons from the Imperials, and ran. They saw my face. I tried to get the money from Verik, but seeing as how the weapons were from the Imperials and that I was wanted, he wanted no part. I decided to drop the weapons off, but that allowed the Empire to put a tracking beacon on my ship. I was shot down in orbit around Corusaunt. I almost died.

While I was being transferred to prison, my shuttle experienced malfunctions, forcing the pilots to land on Corellia before going forth to Bakura Imperial Prison. I was able to excape and call in a favor to get my hand cuffs removed and to get passage away to Corusaunt, to get to you. I found that the man was trying to turn me in, and almost succeeded, but he was unlucky, in that he had catastrophic engine failure, and he crash landed on Spintir. I don’t know how long I can survive, or if I will. I just know that some flash occurred in front of us above Spintir while he was trying to fix the engines. Now, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to you again. I miss you. I love you. And Bish, Im coming.

Ashley Stirk

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