Human Guardian Armorer


Human 6’4"" average build Brown, hair Brown eyes age 30


Alex is a rough around the edges. Raised as a orphan child he pretty much lived off the streets only to be returned from time to time back the orphanage. They could never keep him locked up and never understood how he always escaped. Alex felt comfortable around technology. With a knack in computers and mechanical equipment he seemed to always manipulate whatever he got his hands on. He loved vehicles though, a little to much. If you left it on the street and Alex liked they way it looked he’d have it how wired and taken within seconds. Alex would due one of two things or both depending on how he felt: hot rod it around and take it to a lovely chop shop. If the parts weren’t sold off he would use them to beef up one of his own hot rods. Now over his head in criminal grand theft auto accusations he has booked passage off planet to hide for a while till things cool down.

  • Note: Alex was never trained by a master he has had a few mentors that guided him though. What he learned a lot on his own. He found his lightsaber being drawn to the location were the parts were located and pieced it together on what felt right.


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